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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Soapbox: Keep it Simple

The holidays are full of wonderful sights, sounds, and events. The streets are transformed by lights and more full than usual of shoppers, most of whom seem even more in a hurry than normally. Our homes are often crowded with extra decorations on tables and walls, with trees to be hauled inside and decorated. Many people have trees hauled into living rooms or dens with chairs moved here and there to make space. For most of us this is all part of the holiday, the hustle and bustle an accepted thing we roll with for the duration..... and are secretly relieved to pack up and put away as the house returns to normal.

Maybe we need to remember that less is more.
That stunning and simple often go together for a reason. 

Traditions are part of what bind us together as families, as regions, as cultures. Traditions are meant to add value not provoke stress.
Be mindful of that just as good stress is better than bad stress, but is still stress.  Holiday excitement is no exception.  
Busy-ness and excess need not be a tradition.  -   -  -   -   -
Does overwhelming stress need to be part of the tradition? 
Keep it simple.

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