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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Caring Heart: A Home Visit

Many times foster parents deal with the conflicting emotions around a home visit for the child in their care. Because it is such a common thing, this meditation is from the "Milestones" section of the book.
A Home Visit

She is going on a home visit this week, God.  Be with her, keep her safe.  Keep her body safe, and even more please guard her heart.  She is so excited and has such a perfect picture in her mind of what this visit will be.  I know her mother may be able to hold it together for a while, but sooner or later I fear she will disappoint this child again and break her heart. I can't even decided if it is better to be heart broken sooner or later. Will her father be there?  How will he do? Is it better for this child to have wonderful hours, a good visit to bank against a later disappointment, or not?  Will this be the time her parents step up to the plate and make a new and better beginning?  I leave it to you, God, to know what is best and to be with this child through all of it.

Excerpted from "The Caring Heart Speaks: Meditations for foster, kinship, and adoptive parents" by Gail Underwood Parker

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