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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quick Takes: Creative Rewards #11-15

Today's quick take is five more creative rewards for your kids.  Since this is December, the holiday season, I've chosen "gifts" that children find an extra delight, making them wonderful rewards. I've also chosen rewards that are for the whole family.  Examples are for a mix of ages and genders. [Creative Rewards #1-10 are in Oct 2, Nov 6 blog entries.]

 11.  Tickets to see a special event  [concert, sport event, new movie]

 12.  Kids breakfast in bed [served on a fancy tray with all the trimmings!]

 13.  A TV show BEFORE homework...[once in a rare while won't kill their study habits and the firmer the rule, the greater the privilege]

 14.  A chore free Saturday [this is best if the chores are replaced with family together time such as games or holiday activities]

15.  Family Movie Night [Rent a goodie, pop the popcorn, serve up movie candy, bring pillows out on the floor, the whole works]

Note: Even if only one child earned the reward, letting the whole family share is a powerful message. How nice for a child to know THEIR good deed brought pleasure to the whole family.

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