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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Focus on Fostering: "Stop Tapping Your Fingers!"

So, I know there are worse habits that we deal with as foster parents. But, just because there are worse things doesn't give us a free pass from the basic annoying habits of life.  For example.... tapping fingers on the table.  Why is it that the noise and repetition can induce mind-exploding irritation.  The next time you are tempted to scold, try this... redirect your child.  Grab a computer and say... hey, I just saw this really cool thing on the internet and maybe you should try this... [in your own space!] Then show them the video of these two Irish step dancers who decided to try "hand dancing"  They have since been on the Today show, Rachel Ray, Nightline and many many other shows, not to mention thousands and thousands of viewings of their video.

Check out their demonstration on the Rachel Ray show and show it to your kids!  View it here.  I think this is a better clip that the original video. Maybe we should be encouraging that finger tapping?!

Challenge your child to come up with a routine to show you at dinner the next night.... [or even sibs to put one together cooperatively?] Instead of making it a source of frustration, maybe it can become fun and funky!
Check it original you-tube video----Warning :  start it about 17 seconds in to show your kids and avoid the wall art.

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