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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello again (at last!)

     Well,  I am finally back to blogging.  Officially and actually.  After 14 months of dealing with my broken hand I am ready to reenter the blogosphere and hope that some of you are still out there ready to share or at least to read. 
      Today I will be on a panel of kinship foster care providers telling a bit of my story and answering questions from new and/or prospective kinship caregivers.  Yikes!  How do I balance a reality check and words of caution, while encouraging them to take on this so terribly important, yet sometimes overwhelming job? A friend of mine suggested that simply showing up alive and with an intact [if somewhat twisted] sense of humor would show that it is a survivable choice. We will see. The host offered to let me bring copies of my book so maybe some will be interested. I am looking forward to the panel and excited that training is being offered specific to kinship care... quite a step up from when I began!
       Anyway... for those who have been wishing me well I thank you for the moral support.  My hand/fingers will never work the right way again, but the surgeries gave me back a lot. I am excited to be able to type reasonably well again and am looking forward to getting back on track.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!