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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Soapbox: Christmas Music vs Winter Music

OK, this may irritate some people. But if you are irritated, before you explode, read the post. Then if you still disagree, fine.  People disagree. It's ok.

I grew up loving the music of Christmas.  I now live in a community that is so concerned about not offending anyone that we no longer have Christmas concerts and if we have a winter concert there isn't a Christmas tune or song to be heard.  People rarely carol, partly because they might do it at a house that becomes offended. In my opinion, we have all gone pc crazy!  A few points to consider:

1.  We don't need to through out all the winter music along with all the holiday music!!

2.  Not every song whose lyrics include the word "Christmas" has anything at all to do with the sacred beliefs connected to Christmas.  Not every song whose lyrics include the word "light" has anything to do with the history of Hannukah. [And, by the way the two holidays are not even remotely similar except for the time of year in which they occur!]

3. If the words are truly offensive to listeners, at least let the bands and symphonies continue to bless us with the beautiful melodies and harmonies.

4. Last but not least, since when does singing the words of a song require belief in the words??? Do you have to believe that Frosty came to life to sing "Frosty the Snowman?" Then why can't we sing songs of ANY religion without being upset by the lyrics.  We don't need to believe it to sing about it.

Anyway.... Just four points to think about.  I know that for those who do not celebrate Christmas, this is a challenging time of year. I truly do sympathize. But I do think that the songs of the season are not the cause of the problem.  That's my soapbox for this week.

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