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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quick Takes: Not your children's coloring books

Do your kids think they have outgrown coloring books and dot-to-dots?

Think again....

Check out these fabulous new, advanced examples.  Remember, I am not paid in any way to advertise these things, but like to share things I have found, that have worked with my kids, or that my kids love.

My teens' latest fave:  Extreme Dot-to-Dot puzzle books [$8.95 @ or $29.95 for set of 4 from Mindware*]

       to quote Mindware's ad: Exercise your left and right brain at the same time with these complex dot to dot puzzles. Intricate, challenging and wildly rewarding to finish, puzzles range from 300 to over 1,400 dots. Some puzzles even cover a two-page spread! Counting, mapping and concentration are just a few of the educational benefits.

         To quote my kids:  "These puzzles are SERiously s-iiiii-ck!" [For the uninitiated that is a huge compliment!]

My teens' [both boys and girls] have disappeared for an hour at a time only to be found working on one of the 32 puzzles in a book. They don't seem to tire of it, even though completing one puzzle takes hours.  Not for the faint of heart, they are NOT for "little kids." The four topics are: animals, explorers, prehistoric, legends & lore.

To see complete sample pages click here.  But here is a glimpse of part of one page.

Need I say more? Practically guaranteed to eliminate F.O.B. time protests from the older set [see Thurs 8/4/11].

P.S. As I type this Mindware is running a special offer of 2 books for $12.95 click here. They make great rewards or great gifts for friends' birthdays too!

*Mindware is a wonderful place to find unusual games and truly intriguing activity books. They carry advanced coloring books that inspire creativity and have even changed the way my kiddos "doodle" when bored.

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