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Friday, June 10, 2011

Anything Can Happen: Car Dreams or Dream Cars?

My grandson graduates from high school Sunday and like, many high school graduates would love to have a car.  Hmmm.... not likely to happen.  But when I was thinking about cars I started picturing cars that fit might people's lifestyles, interests or needs.  Which fits you or yours?

Do you like cats?

Fan of scary movies like "Jaws"

Is your closet full of shoes?

Have you never lost your love for your childhood days with your Hot Wheels in the driveway?

Is your teen a bottomless pit?  ----junk food?

or healthy?
Live to ski?

Or are you more of a hiking fan?

Do you long for a time when you can drive alone with no one fighting for the "shotgun" seat?

Or maybe, given gas prices we should find a way to make our cars not a source or stress, but convert them to become instead a source of relaxation?


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