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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quick Takes: Kids' List #21-30

This is the third installment of "Kids List." My "Kids List" is things I wish all kids could get to experience before they are grown up and independent.   This month I am focusing on holiday traditions and holiday or vacation activities.

Kids List #21-30

21. Share in a Hannukah celebration
22. Write and send a postcard 
23. Help trim someone’s Christmas tree  
24. Make a snow angel 
25. Plan and host a party for at least 3 friends 
26. Go without television or screen games for 24 hours
27. Sleep over at a friend’s house 
28. Make supper for your family   
29. Fix someone else breakfast in bed 
30. Make and date a poster with your whole family’s handprints   

I try to do one Quick Takes entry each month from my Kids List. Hope you try some of these with your kiddos.  List #1-20 are in the Oct 16 and Nov 13 blogs.

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