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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Parenting Tips: Personalized Gift of Communication

At the request of a friend, today I am sharing how to make personalized notebooks for your kids or that they can make for their friends.  It costs very little and takes less than an afternoon.  Best of all, there is no sticky mess or gooey mystery left behind when you are done!

I use these notebooks as gifts and also as back and forth communication notebooks between my kids and I.  Sometimes they will write something in that they want me to know, or want to ask without being face to face.  They put the notebook on my bed.  When I find it, I read it, then write a reply to them in the book and put it on their bed.  Try it!

Take an ordinary spiral notebook. The goal is to create a new, personalized cover on a plain sheet of paper and then glue the decorated paper over the old cover. 

Personalized Spiral Journals  To make theses journals follow these steps:
1. Start by cutting a piece of paper the same size as the cover.  [Hint: Do the personalizing BEFORE you glue it to the cover in case you want to make changes.] 
2. Glue a photo of the child prominently on the cover. 
3. Decorate the rest of the cover with other photos, stickers, words about the child or words showing the child’s interests and hobbies. You can use rubber stamps, pictures and words cut from magazines, etc.
4. When satisfied with the new cover sheet glue it carefully on top of the old notebook cover. 
5. To add protection and strength, cover the front of the front cover with clear adhesive paper. 
 a. Cut a piece of Contact paper 1 inch larger than the top, side, and bottom. 
 b. Start the contact as close as possible to the edge of the spirals. Carefully and slowly peel the backing off the contact as you apply the clear contact from left to right across the surface.  
 c.  If air bubbles occur, try to smooth the air  toward the edges with your fingers. If not possible, prick the bubble with a pin to release the air, and smooth again.             
 d. Use scissors to make cuts at the corners so that you can fold the extra to the inside of the cover's top, side, and bottom. 

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