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Friday, December 30, 2011

Hollidays 101: #27-Year In Review

Lots of morning television shows have spent the last week airing compilations of the previous year's highlights.  The funniest moments.... the most significant stories... the ups ups and downs... you name it.

For some family New Year's Eve fun... create your family's  own Year In Review!

1. Take out some paper as you all sit around the table and have each person write down the most important things that happened during the last year.... If some are too small to write, or don't like to do the writing, then make one master list with you as secretary.
      Idea Starters:
--List accomplishments [ex: first steps, first bike, first job, first A, making it to the top of the jungle gym]
--List challenges [ex: broken arm, new school, friend moving away, lost job, new job]
--List favorite activities [ex: bedtime stories, picking apples, going to the beach or pool, a family vacation, a favorite tv show or game]
--List favorite people [ex: friends, idols, favorite singers or actors]

2. Put the lists into a large manila envelope labeled  "New Year's Eve 2011." Maybe even include a calendar.

3. Take a photo of all of you holding the envelope [with the year showing!]. Or make it one of just the kids holding a banner with the year 2011 in large colorful numbers.

4. Put the photo in the envelope and keep the envelope in a safe place.

5. Next New Year's Eve after you have made your 2012 Year in Review lists.... open the envelope and see how much the other lists have changed from the ones you made New Year's Eve 2011.   Who knows, it might become a family tradition.  In any case... save the envelopes you make as mini-time capsules of your family history!

PS: I am posting this BEFORE New Year's Eve to give you time to get the envelope etc, or to break it over two days with the kids to fill the time or improve vacation dispositions!

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