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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holidays 101: #26- Savor the Season

All too often we rush into the holidays and when they are over, are even faster to erase them.  Instead take a few moments to savor the bright spots of the holiday...

1. If you live in the right spot... drink in the beauty of fresh snow before diving into the drudgery of shoveling.

2. Go online and view some of the great holiday flash mobs. [My favorite this year is the one from Carlson School of Management. It starts quietly and simply and builds to a joyful exhuberance that is energizing.]

3. If you are a faith based Christian family [with a sense of humor] check out the contest winners of the annual Nativity Factor's contest to retell the Nativity Story.
     lst place   [a cleric's beatbox version]   2nd place  [a "movie trailor" for The Greatest Story Ever Told] set in modern times.  3rd place was a three way tie: My favorite was the irascible innkeeper's viewpoint and transformation,  but you can access the other two [modern wise men's expedition and a King's Cross Nativity] from the other sites easily.

4. Last, but FAR from least is to take a couple of half hour chunks out of your schedule to actually sit and play the gifted game with your child, or reading a chapter from the gifted book to your child, or even just drive them around at night to see the lighted decorations before they all come down. [Try doing this up with a thermos of hot chocolate and pjs under their coats.]

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