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Friday, December 23, 2011

Holidays 101: #21- Last Minute Gift Rescues

Have you ever been half-way ready for a holiday and then suddenly gotten the flu and lost precious days? I have.  If so, you know what it is like to desperately need gifts that do not require you leaving the house to purchase, or the time to battle the last-minute crowds.  Here are a few ideas in each category that I hope will help.

Young kids...
--Lego gift cards online.... [Did you know they can even order piece by piece online?]
--gift card to fast food of choice
--pass for an activity [indoor funpark, kids museum, whatever]
--gift card for donut or bagel or breakfast spot

Mid kids...
--membership for a summer funpark
--museum membership [science, art, history, aquarium whatever their interest]
--certificate for lessons [karate, tennis, dance, whatever]
--certificate for the electronics [iTunes card, minutes for phone, for gamestore, whatever

Away from home kids...
--gift cards/certificates for pizza and sub delivery
--postage, envelopes, and address labels
--movie gift certificates [theaters or rentals]
--certificates to laundry services or mending services

--trial audio membership  [ is my favorite]
--local gym month membership  or sport center membership
--movie gift certificates [theaters or rentals]
--certificate for pampering [spa, massage, nails, hair, whatever] 

--calendar with birthdays and anniversaries labeled
--current photos
--gift card for dinner or movie out
--gift card for pool or family activity membership/event

Someone struggling...--grocery store gift card
--gift card for gas
--gift credit to their utility company
--gift card to a drug store/pharmacy/convenience store
--gift card for family activity membership/event

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