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Monday, December 5, 2011

Holidays 101: #6...Zingo !

Anyone looking for a great game to play with kiddos 4-8 years old, look no further...Zingo!  My old favorite was Barnyard Bingo. It only requireded four matches for a winning hand. It used four barnyard animals in different color tokens. Each player chose a color rack and tried to collect all four animals in "their" color.  The pull mechanism for "rolling" your token sometimes broke its spring, but my first kids loved it anyway. While it was available we went through three sets ourselves, and I bought countless others for gifts. Sadly,  Fischer Price discontinued it several years ago [I don't want to buy a used one online for $45!]  Finally Zingo! came on the scene from ThinkFun and saved me!

Zingo! Advantages:
1- Each game is SHORT, so attention spans and frustration levels rarely are an issue. Games are short so "Play again?" can be given a Yes several times.  Likewise the loser is likely to be able to get a rematch since the games go so quickly.
2- Each row is only 3 pictures not 5 of most bingo style games, Even cover the board only needs 9 picture matches.
3- Pictures are simple line drawings of familiar objects and there is also the written word below each.
4. The sliding mechanism is manageable even for small kids and in my house survived literally years of use without breaking... a major plus.

There are two levels of play possible with the game, and enough playing cards that swapping cards creates lots of options.  I have even used the 72 plastic Zingo tiles for playing the "Memory" game as well!

With a cost of less than $20, you can frequently find it on sale for closer to $15.  It's sturdy, small [easily packable] and a game that even siblings can often play together without adults once they know the game.
Try it!  I almost guarantee it will be a success.

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  1. Fischer Price never fail to amaze me for every single toy that they launch.