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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holidays 101: #13- Different Dinner Out

Try on a new holiday tradition.  Think of someone in your neighborhood, or faith group, or circle of friends who is likely to be alone for the holidays.  While it may not be practical or best to have them come to you for the actual holiday/s, there is no reason not to show them your love anyway during the season.Work as a family to bring them a holiday meal and some holiday cheer! Give up one of your holiday meals to bring holiday meals to those otherwise alone.

1. Choose two or three people to visit. 

2. Kids can make cards wishing a good holiday and saying other nice things specific to the person. Parents can add a mention that you will be stopping by on [date] around [time]  to drop off some holiday food if it is convenient for them. Be sure to include your phone number in case they need to let you know they won't be home at that time. 

3. Go to a local dollar store and pick up a tray  [or a cookie sheet you can convert to a tray].

4. Buy some cute seasonal paper plates and plastic-ware. Fix the tray to look cheery and add a "thinking of you" place card with the person's name and more holiday wishes and compliments inside.

5. Working as a family put together a dessert or snack bag of goodies ahead and fix a special meal for the night stated.  Fix an extra supper plate for each person you will visit. Take the food, tray, dishes, utensils, cards.. and of course desserts with you.

6. Drive to each house chosen and make your delivery of greetings and tray of food.  Set it up for them on their table or next to their chair.  Maybe play or sing some holiday music or just shower them with holiday greetings and cheerful smiles.  Spend a few minutes with each person before heading on your way to the next stop.

7. On your way home, pick up a simple pizza for you to share for your meal.  Talk about the power of a simple hand in hand, a bit of holiday cheer, and a little effort can give an incredible message of caring.

Trust me, the joy of giving your evening meal to those who wouldn't have had one and bringing the holiday spirit to them will make that pizza taste better than almost any meal you could have had at home!

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