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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holidays 101: #11 - Give a" High Five"

Whether the person lives far away or in your own house, this is a simple to do, yet deeply meaningful gift you can give that will be treasured for years by the recipient.  Give a person you love a very special, very personal, "High Five." This can be done by an individual or as a group project by a whole family. It can be done very simply and quickly or be made more complex and fancy..... either way, it is the personalized  content that makes this so special, not whether the handwriting is neat, or done by computer, or whether in a 99¢ notebook or done on fancy vellum and bound at an office store.

1. Take a small "mini journal" like those available soft cover in almost any dollar store.

2. Make a Table of Contents listing five chapters. [You can add the page numbers later if you wish]

  ---- Five things you love or admire about the person.
  ---- Five things would you enjoy or do  enjoy doing with the person.
  ---- Five words [or phrases] that describe the person.
  ---- Five memories you have of the person.
  ---- Five wishes you have for that person.

3. Write each chapter title on its own page.  [Add drawings or drawn borders if you like.]

4. Use a separate page for each  chapter list or [if you want a longer book and the pages are small] put each number item on a separate page making each chapter 5 pages plus chapter title page.

5. Add photos. Use a photo of the person at the front of the book and/or on the cover of the book. [Add a few pages of other photos scattered thru book if plenty of photos of the person are available. ]

6. Author's page. BE SURE to include a section at the end of the book with the names [and photos if possible] of the book's "authors" and the date [at least the year] of the gift. Have each person who contributed sign the page.

Optional Extras You Can Add: 
---a dedication page at the front, --- illustrate pagees or add drawings---more "Fives" to fit the person. [favorite foods, sayings, places, etc.] Be creative or be fast....either way:

Warning: This Gift Guaranteed to Delight !

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