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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holidays 101: #24- Marshmallow Pops

For a quick, fun vacation activity with kids try these:
[Maybe you can make them and save them for a pint-sized New Year's Eve home party!]

Marshmallow Pops
You need:
Lollypop sticks [or in a pinch popsicle sticks]
Bag of large [or giant] marshmallows
Milk chocolate to melt [ex: milk chocolate chips]
Piece of styrofoam

      Graham crackers [crushed in a baggie with a rolling pin]
      Snowflake sprinkles [or multi-colored sprinkles]
      Peppermint candies [break up in a baggie w/wrench or hammer]
      Other [get creative.... oreo cookie crumbs, toffee chips, etc.]

1. Put each marshmallow on a stick.  [Get several ready at a time.]
2. Melt the milk chocolate [with a little oil added for consistency] in microwave.**
3. Dip/roll the marshmallow in the melted chocolate.
4. While still wet, roll the chocolate covered marshmallow in a topping of your choice.
5. Stick the Pops into the styrofoam or clay to cool and "dry"
6. Eat or put in baggies to save for later. [For gifts, bag two or three and tie with ribbon.] 


** When melting chocolate in a microwave it helps to add a bit of Crisco.  I usually microwave it for about 20 seconds, then stir, then repeat for 15 seconds, then 10 seconds etc. till the chocolate stirs easily.

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