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Friday, December 2, 2011

Holidays 101: #4 Teen Inspiration

A inspirational gift for adolescents or teens:

Teens with the Courage to Give:
Young People Who Triumphed Over Tragedy and Volunteered to Make a Difference
by Jackie Waldman
Pub Conari Press    copyright 2000

This paperback book has 30 chapters, each telling the story of a remarkable teen.  Each chapter is short [between 3-6 pages] and is told from the viewpoint of each teen.  The teens tell their story, the obstacle they faced, how they got past it, and what they chose to do that gave their life direction and purpose focused on helping others.  These stories provide wonderful inspiration for adolescents and teens, especially those who feel that life has handed them a lemon or two.   Many of the chapters offer resource information and/or ideas for readers to pursue similar ideas.  20 pages of back matter at the end of the book provide discussion questions, action resources, suggested reading and more.

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