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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holidays 101: #25- Before the Holiday Cleanup

Things to do before you start packing up the holiday decorations and going back to normal life:

1. Take a photo of the traditional decorations. 
         Is there a wall where you usually hang wreaths of childhood banners?

2. How about a pic of the finished tree?
         Whether the tallest ever, the scrawniest ever, it matters not. For best effect put a card with the year in large letters in front of the tree for the picture.
3. Gather the family for a group shot. 
      Maybe all in pj's?  Maybe a shot of just the kids, then just the grownups? Who knows? It might become a collectible if they become famous!
      [Again, holding a sign with the year makes dating it later much easier.]

4. Take a pic of each child with their favorite gift/s.

Make a tradition of any of these and you can later assemble a wonderful photo book for each child tracing the history of their holidays!

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