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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holidays 101: #5 Wedgits

Move over building blocks.  For the younger set these are no-fail building toys. For older kids they are a challenge to the creative design minds.

Mfg: ImagAbility

These make great imaginative play and dexterity practice. The smallest set [15 pieces] is under $20, but if you can I would go with the 30 piece set [around $27].  The stack compactly when not in use and when in use can make all kids of towers and designs, limited only by imagination.

They balance almost no matter how you stack them.  For families with toddlers around you will have to take out the smallest piece but the rest are totally safe from swallowing hazards.

The manufacturer says ages 3-8, but I've used it [without the smallest piece] from 2 to teens. GREAT for independent play or playing with a friend. My favorite part was that they were small to transport, fast to pick up and pack up, but gave kids something to "build bigger."

You can also buy a deck of design cards that shows different building options [kind of like a tangram diagram but easier].  With these elementary and adolescents get more involved. Teens won't admit they like them, but you will find them playing with them out of sight!

My kiddos built up to having 60 pieces and created whole futuristic city-scapes for their toy cars and midget people.
AND.... when no one is looking the teens and adults in the house will likely be playing with these as well!

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