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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Caring Heart: A Happy Halloween

This meditation is not included in my book of meditations, but was in an earlier draft. This is for all those parents whose children are afraid. There is hope.

Today is Halloween.  I am filled with memories of when she would not even look out the window when trick-or-treaters rang the bell. Years went by when she would not, could not, enjoy going out herself, too frightened of the ghosties and goblins, however short and giggly, that roamed her familiar street.  There were so many years when he could not even go to the car once it was dark without someone holding his hand, so terrifying were the night sounds, the whispering leaves, the shadows around and within him. I wondered if they would ever have the joy of this rite of childhood, so burdened with anxiety and fear that the very thought of Halloween events terrified them.

But tonight they are going out. They are in costume and ringing doorbells. Thank you for leading them through that emotional darkness step by step to this night. What a joy to trade my old fears for the "normal" ones.  Protect them Lord.  Keep them safe from any thoughtless person jumping out to scare them, or any friends tempting them into misbehavior.  Help them be children at last. Amen.

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