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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Soapbox: "I Love You" Language Challenge

I found a blog-site post that lists the phrase "I Love You" in 179 different languages! [Click the underlined phrase to check it out!]
It focuses on the actual words  "I Love You" and translates it nearly 200 ways, both informal and formal in for languages spoken in hundreds  different countries. 

Let's get ready for Valentine's Day.  I challenge each of us to see how many times we sincerely can say the words "I love you" to people we care for between now and Valentine's Day.  Add in writing the words "I love you" in little notes left for those same people to find as they go about their days.  Maybe you want to do it anonymously, at least for some of the times. Maybe you want to do it for those who may not often hear it.  Maybe you want to focus on a particular person and just lavish them for a week.

Just words you might be tempted to think?  I thought about soapboxing about putting actions behind words. Then I decided that words are not a bad place to start, a way to begin.  Besides, hearing those three words is still music to most people's ears, and the words are beautiful to see and hold.

So check out that blog-site. Maybe you want to leave the words in a different language each time for fun.  See how many you know.  But whatever the language.... let's not hold onto those words right now... this is a great time to set them free and share them generously! 

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