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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Focus on Fostering: Powell tragedy

I have been fighting to not overreact to the news of the tragedy in Washington that cost the lives of Susan Powell's two sons, Josh and Braden, at the hands of their father Josh Powell. I have tried to continue my usual schedule of blogs, not wanting to feed the frenzy or exploit the tragic loss.  But I don't feel comfortable ignoring it either.  Strangely I had pre-written a blog for posting after the holidays that I had titled "Waiting for a Tragedy."  I have now un-scheduled that post.  But the reality is that changes in protocols and procedures, like changes in support and training, all to often follow the pendulum that seems to rule all economic and legal decisions. They grow in reaction to powerful events and shrink in reaction to a stretch of time with an absence of obvious or notable events. Juggling competing rights and needs will always be a challenge. I am painfully familiar with some of the issues, but would like to present three reminders:

1-Good judgment is not easily discerned or defined.

2-Good judgment cannot always be legislated or enforced or enticed. 

3-Good judgment is not clairvoyant. 

Let us pray for those left behind.

Let us pray for comfort and wisdom for those haunted by second-guessing.

And please, let us all pray for that person assigned to take the boys and supervise a visit, who will live the rest of their lifetime with the images and memories of Sunday morning. 

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