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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quick Takes: Instant Valentine Treats

I remember years of spending money on cheap valentine cards that came in classroom size packs and were decorated with the cartoon character du jour from Care Bears to Barney to the Wiggles to Disney to Justin B and teen vampires.

Try this quick and simple idea for older kids who still want to pass out a treat or to take to the office next week.
[I saw these special ordered for a wedding and thought how easy they would be to do at home for Valentine's Day.]

1. Buy a bag of candy kisses or hugs. and a package of round sticker dots [red or pink are particularly good for this].

2. Use a magic marker to write short sayings on the sticker dots.   [Love you, Be mine, Cool, Frends, Be Sweet, etc. etc.] Go traditional or be creative!

3. Peel off each sticker dot and place on the flat bottom of the wrapped candy kiss.

4. Fill a bowl or basket with the kiss and hugs with sticker bottoms

Pass them around and have some quick and easy valentine fun.

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