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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Parenting Tips: Valentine Scratch-Offs

Get your kids off the couch and get them involved making their own unique valentines with a fun twist....  scratch off messages!

You will need:
index cards [or something similar to use for your messages] or blank cards
dishwashing liquid
a watercolor brush or other small brush
metallic acryllic paint [I like silver or pewter best]*
pieces of clear adhesive paper [such as laminate or Contact® paper] 

Make the card and write the secret message that will be covered by the scratch-off paint.

Cover the scratch-off message with small piece of clear adhesive paper to protect it.

Mix the scratch-off paint   [2 parts metallic paint, 2 part dishwashing soap]

Apply one or two coats of paint as needed to cover message, but  be sure to let paint dry between each coat.

Have Fun With This ! !

* You can use red paint for valentine's but it doesn't cover as well or look as good as the metallic paint in my opinion.

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