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Monday, February 27, 2012

Read Across America... Day 1--Bedtime Books

For several years Read Across America has been held on March 2nd, the birthday of author Dr. Seuss. I am going to be away from Feb 29th to March 6th visiting my daughter on the West Coast. So, I decided to do my posts ahead and to piggyback with Read Across America as the excuse to recommend some of my personal favorite books for children that deal with situations that are common for readers of this blog.  Let the teachers and schools highlight "typical" reading.  I will highlight some special books for special situations.  They may not have won awards [though some have] but they have proved helpful for me and for mine.

So each day I will recommend a few favorites for different ages, stages, and situations.  If any of them fit your needs, try them... check your library, interlibrary loan programs, online used books, and local bookstores.  Enjoy!!

Today-- Books for Bedtime Challenges

I Don't Want to go to Bed!  
by Julie Sykes and Time Warnes
pub: Scholastic
ISBN 0-590-76345-8

A picture book about Little Tiger, who never wants to go to bed when Mommy Tiger says it is time for bed.

What's Under My Bed?

by James Stevenson
pub: Mulberry Books [William Morrow Co.]
ISBN 0-688-09350-7

Especially great for grandparents raising children because the heroes of the story, that reassure and comfort the child are the child's grandparents who have a unique way of dealing with and normalizing nightmares.

I Had a Bad Dream: A Book about Nightmares

by Linda Hayward, Ill by Eugenie
pub: Golden Books  [About Living Series]

ISBN 0-307-10397-5

Jason has nightmares but is comforted and reassured by his father and learns to feel safe.

Tomorrow-- Feeling different  [books about being happy with who you are]

P.S.  You can also search previous blog entries for favorites I have already written about.  Search using "Recommended" and "Suggested Reading."

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