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Friday, February 24, 2012

Anything Can Happen: Way Cool!

Okay, any of you with kids who love fireworks or explosions, get your kids to the computer and check this out!  It was on the news on Tuesday and is visually amazingly precise!  The bridge at left is NOT lit by beautiful shining lights.... it is being imploded in a planned demolition.  The Ft. Steubenville Bridge was over 80 years old and had already been replaced in 1990 by a new bridge over the Ohio River and had been closed to traffic for safety reasons since 2009.  The controlled, nearly simultaneous explosions brought the bridge down in barely more than the blink of an eye... literally seconds!

Even as the bridge quickly disappeared, the demolition was so precise that for a moment it almost looked like a series of pillars and supports spanning the water....

Click here for a news video that shows it at normal speed two times [Sorry, there's an ad for a hospital before the bridge clip.]

You can see it on YouTube without commercials but the actual explosion/implosion doesn't happen until about 1 minute 37 seconds into the video.

Click HERE for the MSNBC clip to see it in slow motion and discover that the explosions were not simultaneous, just consecutive and timed so closely that it appeared nearly simultaneous.

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