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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Parenting Tips: Buy now and save!

With Valentine's Day two days behind, most stores have now marked down their leftover merchandise.  This is a great chance for parents to dash out and pick up some goodies to parcel out on any number of occasions all year long.  [Of course you can also buy valentine sets and save them for next year's giving to elementary classrooms, but I mean more than that.]

Buy heart shaped boxes:  These can be used to fill with cheery, uplifting love messages to a child who is struggling or discouraged or feeling left out.

Buy heart stickers:  Use these to add at the bottom of anything from "I'll be home soon" messages to even chore lists!

Buy Red plates or bowls or cups  [I'll tell you about using those on Saturday.]

Buy heart shaped stencils: For decorating [and taking up space!] on thank you notes, letters, etc.

Buy heart shaped molds: for making everything from soaps to floating ice cubes.

Heart-Themed Candles/Mugs/Gifts:  Buy a bunch to keep on hand for unexpected hostess gifts, friendship tokens, etc. Mother's Day, Father's Day.. all kinds of occaionsYou can often also find hangings, mottos, etc. that speak of friendship and caring  to sotkc up on for unexpected occasions.

Heart or Love-themed craft projects/materials:  Same uses as the gifts already mentioned. One of my particular favorites is the collections of different size, shape and color foam hearts or wooden hearts!

So, what are you doing still sitting here reading?? Get going.... Take advantage of the markdown sales!   Valentine's Day is over, but the season for love-themed gifts is year round!

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