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Monday, July 4, 2011

School Bell: July 4th Quiz

As we get ready for the Fourth of July celebrations around the country, here is a quick Fourth of July quiz to take.

If you are brave make it a family challenge. [Maybe with kitchen cleanup the stakes???]

1. The Fourth of July was declared a national holiday in:
     a] 1776
     b] 1786
     c] 1876
     d] 1941
     e] none of the above

2. The Declaration of Independence was first signed on
    a] July 4, 1776
    b] August 4, 1776
    c] July 2, 1776,
    d] July 5, 1775
    e] none of the above

3. Which bird/s did NOT get suggested for the national bird?
    a] the bald eagle
    b] the bluebird
    c] the cardinal
    d] the turkey

4. Which event/s did NOT happen on a Fourth of July?
    a] the Beach Boys song "I Get Around" hit number one on the Billboard charts [1964]
    b] Malia Obama was born  [1998]
    c] the musical "1776" opened on Broadway [1969]
    d] Presidents John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe died. [1826 and 1831]

5. Where was the first official national Fourth of July celebration held?
    a] Congressional Hall, Philadelphia, August 4, 1776.
    b] the White House, Washington DC, July 4, 1805
    c] New York City, NY, July 4, 1876
    c] the White House, Washington DC, July 4, 1941

So...ready to see how you did?  Good luck!

1. D, 1941. Congress declared the Fourth of July an offical legal holiday in 1941. It is one of the few that does NOT move to a Friday or a Monday. 
2. E, none of the above.  July 2, 1776 they voted in favor of Lee's resolution for independence.  July 4, 1776, they voted to accept the written draft of the declaration of independence. August 2, 1776 the first and most [50] names were signed. [The last of the 56 to sign was Thomas McKean in January 1777.]
3. B and C.  Jefferson and Adams supported the bald eagle. Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey. Nobody cared about the red cardinal, robin, or bluejay or bluebird. 
4. C. Although "1776" did not open on July 4 it did open in 1969, became a huge hit and won three Tony Awards. It was made into a movie in 1972 and many of its scenes and song lyrics are based in large part on the letters of John Adams and others who participated in the Continental Congress. 
5. People argue and sources differ about this.  Most say the White House, in 1801 though some say it was 1804. Massachusetts is generally credited as the first state to declare it an official holiday [in 1781] even before we officially won the war.

How did you do?  However you did.... have a happy, safe, Fourth of July!

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