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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Quick Takes: Weather Rock

This is for all your kids who have NO interest in science.... 

1. Have them search around and find an absolutely, truly fine rock.  
2. Place the rock outside in a special place of honor.
3. Help them chose ideas from the list below to fit your region.
4. Print them on "Direction Sheets."  
5. Post your directions.  
Aaaabra  cadaaaa   bra.....
               * * *
            *         *  
<-<- P O O F ->->  
You have just made and installed an authentic...
 "Maine Weather Rock" ! !   

Enjoy!  :-)

Weather Rock Directions
Rock dry – fair
Rock wet – rainy
Rock swaying – windy
Rock with shadow – sunny
Rock with no shadow -- cloudy
Rock dusty --dust storm 

Rock white – frost or snow
Rock bouncing – earthquake
Rock under water – flood
Rock flashing - lightning
Rock missing - tornado
Rock cold - winter
Rock wet, mossy or grassy- spring
Rock hot - summer
Rock covered by colored leaves - fall

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