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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Parenting Tips: Friends and Playdates-pt 2

Just a quickie today as I rush out the door. A warning about playdates.  Being ahead of the curve is a huge advantage in helping prevent playdate implosions... so today I offer:

Don't Beware of joy but Be aware of joy!

This is not what it seems.. I mean two things: 1- When natural joy occurs, celebrate, congratulate, and make a mental note of what was happening so you can try to build that in another time. AND 2- Keep your ears attuned to the difference between natural joy and that spiralling silliness/joy that experienced parents dread.  [You know, the one where your mother would come in and sat "Settle down, kids, or someone is going to end up hurt or upset!"] When you hear that kind of joy, know that it is time for you to step in before the spiral switches to negative.

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