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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quick Takes: 4th of July Food

Here is some fast fun food options to make with your kids for the Fourth of July:

Watermelon stars: Cut slices of watermelon and then use a star cookie cutter and let the kids cut out star shapes from the watermelon.

Red White and Blue Centerpiece Desserts:     [similar to one at left]
1- Use stick skewers and put a watermelon star on each.
2- Use stick skewers to "string" blueberries.
3- Alternate blueberries and mini-marshmallows or strawberries [or raspberries] and mini-marshmallows.
4- Make individual dessert skewers by mixing the stars, blueberries, and mini-marshmallows.
5. Arrange a  bunch of skewers in styrofoam or watermelon rind to make a centerpiece / dessert.

Flag cake:  Frost a 13x 9 or larger sheet cake with whipped topping or whipped cream.  Make a square in the top left corner with blueberries.  Make the red stripes with sliced strawberries on top of the white topping, leaving the rows in between for the white stripes. Add little sugar stars on top of the blueberries or just dots of topping for stars.

Strawberry lemonade: Have the kids have fun mashing strawberries and adding them to pre-made or homemade lemonade.

Flag Layers: For really simple kids food projects just layer red fruit, whipped topping, blue fruit, in alternating layers in clear parfait, sundae, or tumblers.

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