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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quick Takes: Kids List #91-100

This is the tenth installment of "Kids List." My "Kids List" is things I wish all kids could get to experience before they are grown up and independent.   This month has a mix of small folk and bigger folk experiences. Use your grownup judgment to see what fits your child. 

Kids List #91-100

91. Jump off a rope swing into a clear lake or pool 
92. Make a terrarium 
93. Attend a Protestant worship service 
94. Go without television for a week 
95. Learn to tie a necktie [long]  
96. Plant a bush or tree and tend it 
97. Learn to rollerskate or roller blade 
98. Mow a lawn 
99. Learn to do a somersault 
100. Build a sand castle 

I try to do one Quick Takes entry each month from my Kids List. Hope you try some of these with your kiddos.  Search for "Kids List" to find #1-90 in earlier posts.

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