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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Quick Takes: Stop Fights with Humor

Since I talked some this week about playdates... here is a unique [some might even say bizarre] way of settling disagreements between friends or siblings.  I find that humor is a wonderful way to diffuse anger.  The tough part is finding a way to work humor into that angst ridden atmosphere.  

Here is a way to settle an argument that actually has giggle potential, sometimes even gales of laughter... The next time two are arguing...say over who gets "X" or who goes first or whatever the disgreement du jour is.  All you need to do is have two oranges of relatively equal size on hand at all times to settle the argument and shift the mood. Here are the rules:

Battle of the Oranges:
Each warrior is armed with a tablespoon on which an orange is placed. The hold the spoon with one arm/hand and put the other arm/hand behind their back. At the "go" signal, each will try to knock the opponent's orange off the spoon. But... they can only do it by using only the hand which holds the spoon and orange. The winner is the one left with their orange on the spoon!

Give it a try... My kids used to ask for best two out of three, but by three they were usually giggling and laughing, the original difference not forgotten, but no longer as important as conquering the orange challenge. 

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