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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Focus on Fostering: Steal a Moment

Steal a moment.  Sometimes we underestimate the power of a moment.  We think of the highlight of summer vacation being that big family trip.  That day the family did....  That wonderful morning... That movie, show, concert, event....  We forget about the times when a highlight is a simple moment.  Steal a moment today.

Steal a moment today. Pull away from the hectic, the busy, the productive.  Steal a moment with one of your children and whisper something to them, just between the two of you.  Something that you find wonderful in them.  Something that they did that made you happy, or proud.  Something you love to see them do.  Whisper it.  Maybe add a small hug, a squeeze, a high five, a hair tousle, a small gesture that shows a connection.  Steal a moment.

Gift them with a moment JUST for them.  Let them know that in the middle of all the busy-ness, the accomplish-ing, the do-ing, you are thinking of them.  Let them know that your life is happily different with them there.

Find a moment and give it to them.  You never know when A moment can actually be THE moment.

The moment they finally believe they matter.
The moment they really understand that you are not going to give up.
The moment they trust.
The moment they accept that they are loved and worth loving.

Find a moment.

Steal a moment.

Gift them with their moment.

 It only takes a moment......

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