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Friday, July 1, 2011

Anything Can Happen: New Holiday Traditions

As we get ready for the Fourth of July...

Here are a few ideas for the weekend other than getting everything ready for the barbecue or wondering if the fireworks will be rained out....

Rent or buy a DVD of the old Schoolhouse Rock series: History Rocks  features my students' favorites "I'm Just a Bill" --how a bill is made, and "We the People" -- a singable version of the PReamble to the constitution. originally created as Saturday morning educational commercial breaks, Schoolhouse Rock taught grammar, math, and history.  They are fun and help teach key points. Check the lyrics out at the School House Rock website  

Teach flag etiquette:Teach your younger children the proper way to fold a flag, to care for a flag, and how to hold a family flag raising ceremony with flag salute,  taps when taking it down, or more.

Check your history: Challenge your kids to research a familiar history story to see if it is fact or fiction... [See our Fourth of July Quiz on Monday].

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