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Monday, February 7, 2011

School Bell: A New Reading Tool

I found a neat new tool for encouraging my little folk to read.* I just received my order in the mail and can't wait to use it. [The other thing ordered I will tell you about after I try it out.]  It is from knock knock a fun company that makes all kinds of slightly irreverant lists, sticky notes and pads. This is a pad of mini checklist and sentence book reviews for kids.  60 stickers are included [which can also be viewed at their site if you check out view 3.  You can see it close up with their site's magnifying glass feature.

Each sheet starts with the child's name, the date, and book title. Then the child checks off a box to show who they read the book with [or by themselves]. Next the child checks off one of eight descriptions [ex: long, scary, funny] or fills in the blank. They have several blank lines to describe their favorite part.  The child finishes by saying if they would like to read it again [yes, no, maybe, or again and again!]. The prospect of filling one of these in is not at all intimidating. The lines are spaced well for those who find writing difficult and there are few enough lines that those who dislike writing won't be put off. Also, you can always serve as dictation secretary to start with until the child is hooked. If you want to make a collection of the filled in sheets for a record of your child's reading the pads are the perfect size to 3-hole punch and put in a small [7x9] binder.

*Reminder: NOTHING I recommend on this blog is promoted or motivated by free goodies. I get nothing for recommending anything except the fun of sharing. They are all things I find and use myself.

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