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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quick Takes: Kids' List #41-50

This is the fifth installment of "Kids List." My "Kids List" is things I wish all kids could get to experience before they are grown up and independent.   This month I am focusing on activities that take advantage of the winter vacation time many have this month.  

Kids List #41-50

41. Visit an art museum 
42. Make a snow fort
43. Have a snowball fight 
44. Learn to recognize two constellations 
45. Go to a circus  
46. Hold a newborn baby 
47. Learn a new dance  
48. See a live monkey in person 
49. Volunteer in a homeless shelter or food kitchen 
50. Write a fan letter and mail it 

I try to do one Quick Takes entry each month from my Kids List. Hope you try some of these with your kiddos.  Search for "Kids List" to find the earlier posts. 

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