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Friday, February 18, 2011

Anything Can Happen: Crazy Car Rides

It's Saturday which means Anything Can Happen Day on the blog.  Have you considered having an occasional Anything Can Happen Day for your family?  This time of year can bring about a serious case of cabin fever and boredom.  Spice it up with a crazy car ride for an hour or two.  Besides, if they are out with you in the car, they aren't messing up the house! Pick one of these to try:

1. Crazy Corners..... You may be the driver but put the kids in the driver's seat... no not literally.. but make them the navigators... They take turns at ever intersection... right, left, or straight.  [Assuming all are two way streets of course].   Before long every one is giggling and laughing and in a far better mood.

2. Let's explore... Get out a map and start naming places within a half hour drive Find a place you have never been and go see what is there.  Give each child two "Let's stop here" cards they can use when they see something interesting.

Make up your own crazy car ride idea and share!

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