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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quick Takes: Money Management Tool

I recently purchased something for my older teen to use in money management.  I think it is a brilliant idea.*

 Kids today don't want to use checks, they are the debit card generation.  However, they tend not to keep track of what they have spent with their debit card!  I have long been a fan of this company's banks for younger kids like the money-savvy pig. My boys as they got older graduated to  the money-savvy football!  Now these people have come up with a wonderful new tool ... and a cheap one at that!
Called a "CardGuard" it holds a couple of cards and a couple of bucks and fits perfectly in a purse or pocket.  [For example it can hold their student ID, driver's license, debit card, and lunch money!] But the key part is the tracker system that fits in it also.  Similar [but better] than the old check registers, it helps kids track what they have spent with their cards.

Best part?  It is only $7.50 !!

*Remember, I do NOT get paid or encouraged in any way to promote products on this blog.... I ONLY share things that I have personally found and used successfully. If you have something you have tried and would like to recommend, contact me and I can let you do a guest post some Saturday Quick Take.

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