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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Parenting Tips: Valentine's Love Jar

Here is an idea you can start on now to make this coming Valentine's Day a special one for your children, one that will brighten and cheer them all year long.  Valentine's I Love You jar for each child.

1-- Find a jar that you and your child can reach into without getting stuck!  It can be clear or not. It does NOT need to be fancy.... though this time of year you might find some with hearts or add heart stickers if you want to.

2. DO personalize the jar somehow with their name or photo.

3. Take rectangular pieces of paper or cut index cards. You will want at least a dozen. They can be different colors if you want to make it look colorful.

4. On each one write something about your child that you love. Think of good habits [or ways they are working to get good habits], their smile, their laugh, the way they hug you good night, they way they keep going when they are discouraged, the way they talk to you [or just tell you] when they are sad... whatever you want to use. Use words that are at their age level.  If they are pre-readers use pictures and do it rebus style  [I (or eye picture or drawing)  (heart) u (picture of hugging) for example]. Do what works for you but have fun with it and make it fun to them.

4. Fold each "note" in half an put in the jar. Put on the lid. Give it to them on Valentine's Day.

This Love Jar can become a treasured keepsake. Encourage them to keep it out in their room to reach in and take a "love-you vitamin" each day to start their day well. You can add new cards whenever you feel like it. As they get older you may need a bigger jar, but don't throw away the notes from when they were little.  They will enjoy remembering that early love!

 P.S.  This is good for people older than children too!

E N J O Y ! ! !

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