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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Parenting Tips: Medical Records...for Real!

My mother was a nurse.  She knew the importance of medical records.  She was a fairly well organized person, Yet it was a family joke that if anyone ever compared medical records of our childhood immunizations and illnesses nothing would match.  She knew what we had been given, she knew which diseases we had, but when??? Rarely a clue.  I was even worse.  She had three children.  I had five, plus foster children.  Which ones had which childhood illnesses? And when??? forget it!

In desperation and frustration [and a measure of embarrassment] I made an appointment with my kids' pediatrician's office for a "records check"  I carefully copied down the immunizations and illness records into a bright red notebook. The notebook went onto the top shelf of my "office" bookcase. It only took about an hour.  The load off my shoulders and sense of accomplishment was huge.

From then on camp applications etc. were no longer dreaded.  I could fill out their forms with confidence.... and accuracy.  So, maybe you are like I was, like my mother was, like so many busy mother's are.... behind in your medical recordkeeping for your children. It's not too late!  Call your doctor's office today and book a time.

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