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Friday, February 25, 2011

Anything Can Happen... Gift of Giggles

If this is your winter vacation week like mine, then your children may be driving you crazy.  Vacation always looks like so much fun, but by Friday they are bored and you can't wait for Monday.  So if the whineys are hitting your house, or the teen age angst is rearing its ugly face.... how bout a quick pick me up remembering times when it took so little to make them laugh.  When you were re-energized for the sleepless nights by something as small as a giggle.....  Check these out these video links!

infant quadruplets laughing

highchair baby boy laughing

Share the laughs with your teen... they usually laugh hardest at the slightly "evil" gigglers or  mini-disasters like these brothers or the tippy baby]

Explore and find more... then bookmark your favorite to have on hand for a bad day.  

Everybody needs to laugh!

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