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Monday, February 21, 2011

School Bell: Board Game Review

Mid-terms are probably over, but with report cards out this just might be a time when you discover the need to reinforce some skills or find new ways to study for tests.  This one is a favorite at my house.

1. Get out your favorite board game. Any game that the players follow a trail from start to finish will work well. 

2. Have your child [or each of them] give you a list of information that needs to be learned or reviewed.  [Spelling, math facts, definitions, people, dates, anything that can be reviewed in question and answer form!]

3. Play the board game with one small change.  When the player rolls the dice, or spins the spinner or whatever....they must answer a question correctly in order to make the move.  IF they are incorrect they stay where they are on the game.  

Try it! One of the coolest things is that it lets you review with more than one child at a time.  Each child just has their own questions [facts etc.] to answer. They can play with you as the questioner or [if they get along] can ask each other questions.

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