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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Focus on Fostering: Photo Chore Chart

Try this alternative to weekly chore charts:
1. Take pictures of each child:  [posing is fine]
       --doing typical household chores.
       --doing fun stuff [bike, coloring, snacking, play bb etc.]

2. Take a bulletin board, magnet board, or poster and make a spot with the name of each child and room for a photo [or a couple of photos] under each name. Place this "After School Activity Board" prominently where it will be seen as soon as the children come in the door from school. 

Change the pictures each day and have it out and ready when the children get home. Each child is to do whatever their pictured activity is for that day. Consider two activities for each child. [This will allow more opportunity for fun surprises as well as chores.]

Key Point #1You do not tell the child what their "activity" is. Let the photo chart give them the bad [or good] news. If possible be out of the room when they come home and check the chart.  This often helps you avoid being subjected to the knee-jerk response of whines, complaints, and protests. 

Key Point #2:  Make sure that someone gets a fun activity each day and that each person gets a fun activity at least once a week.  This is what keeps them checking the chart each day!

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