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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quick Takes: Creative Rewards #21-25

Today's quick take is five more creative rewards for your kids.  Since this is February, maybe you can surprise them with a valentine reward just because you love them. Examples are for a mix of ages and genders. [Creative Rewards #1-20 can be found if you search "Rewards."]

 21.  Backwards Supper.... dessert first, then the main course 

 22.  Go ice or roller skating [with hot chocolate afterwards for a really special reward].

 23.  Freedom to sleep in as late as you want... no penalty. 

 24.  A "Get out of Timeout" card to be used whenever they choose. 

25.  First choice of seat in the car for a day or a week.  

Watch for the next installment of creative reward ideas a month from now.

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