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Monday, March 5, 2012

School Bell: Put it behind you!

Are your kids overwhelmed by the amount of homework each night? Do they start fighting as soon as they see the stack of work to be done? Do they shut down after the first 15 minutes? This tip won't change the amount, but it may help manage the burden.  This time of year the homework load is often at its highest. Lower the stress your kids may feel. Help them take it one step at a time. Help them learn how to put it behind them.... literally!

Quick Homework Strategy...

Have your child stack their assignments and books behind them or under the table while they work. Take out a timer and the top-of-the-pile assignment and work for 15 minutes.  Then stop, put that assignment at the bottom of the pile and take out the new top assignment and work for 15 minutes. Continue until all assignments are done or homework time is used up. 

1-Your child learns to stop getting frozen by the perceived enormity of what is to be done and learns to focus on one thing at a time, giving it his/her best.
2- Each teacher's or subject's assignment gets some work time.
3-The teacher will see what your child can accomplish in 15 minutes.
4-Your child learns the habit of breaking tough projects into smaller, more manageable chunks.

Hint- Talk to your child's teacher in advance and explain what you are doing and why.  Most teachers will support this approach whole heartedly. Just be sure that your child doesn't always leave their least favorite topic until last "conveniently" running out of time before getting to it.   

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