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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Focus on Fostering: Welcoming New Children--pt 2

Two weeks ago [February 21] I explained the basics of making a Welcome Book for new children in your home.  They won't work for toddlers, but can work well for children from pre-school up, adjusted for age. 
Today a few more possibilities for welcoming:  

For young kids:  
Make an emergency card with their name, your name, address, contact phone number etc. for them to keep in their pocket in case they get lost or confused. [Once they have learned it, they will no longer need it.]

Make a simple, coded map of the neighborhood.  
--Star houses that have children the same/near age.  
--Mark any house that is a safe place to go if they get home and you are held up someplace and not home yet. 
--If you have really great neighbors get a photo of the family that is the "safe house" and put it in their album or on the map!

Make and keep a "friends" photo album:
--Take an inexpensive small photo album [often available at dollar stores] and label it New Friends or People I've Met or just a bunch of smiley face stickers on the front. 
--When you have a neighborhood playmate over to meet them, take a quick picture and add it to the album.
--Give them a disposable camera to take to school and take pictures of new friends, teachers, etc. to add to their album. 

Take, frame and mount and a family "Welcome" photo:
--Take a picture of the family holding a big "Welcome to the Smiths" sign/s.
   Be sure everybody has big smiles, maybe waving, looking natural and informal.
   [If you have pets, include them.]
--Get a large print of it, frame it and put it in the wall, maybe over their bed.
--If you know ahead, include their name.

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