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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Read Across America... Day 6-- Authors

This is the last day of my celebration of March 2nd Read Across America. Each day I recommended a few favorites for different ages, stages, and situations.  If any of them fit your needs, I hope you will try them... check your library, interlibrary loan programs, online used books, and local bookstores.  Enjoy!!

[As an author myself, did you really think I could finish this week without a nod to authors???]

What Do Authors Do?
by Eileen Christelow
Pub: Clarion Books

Having spent this week sharing books for children I decided to finish the week with a book about authors written for children.  While this is too long for really young children, it is an excellent look [with cartoon style illustrations] about how authors come up with books, write them, find publishers and illustrators, have them printed and distributed to readers. I especially like the fact that she includes [as a real part of the process] readers reading the books and reacting to them!

PS She also wrote and published a companion book What Do Illustrators Do?  also by Clarion. 

Remember, you can always search previous blog entries for some of my all time favorites that I have already bogged about. Check them out too! Search using "Recommended" and "Suggested Reading." And... watch for more books now and then to pop up!

Next week: Back to the regular blog schedule.

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