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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quick Takes: Homemade Beads

Make or use a batch homemade modeling playdough [see yesterday's post for one possible recipe].
Roll beads to desired round, oval, square, rectangular shapes.

Make a hole in each bead with a nail or a rounded toothpick.
[Make it big enough for the string or lace you will be using later.]


....roll in food coloring without blending, shape and cut into beads before adding holes and baking.

.....Paint to decorate if using white or plain dough.

Bake at 225 degrees a few hours until hard [or leave out overnight to dry thoroughly].

For easy bead-stringing without a needle, dip the end of a string in glue and shape the end into a point. Hanging with the point down, let it dry thoroughly. If you have made the hole in each bead wide enough, a shoelace will also work.

Note:  For younger children be very careful to make the beads large enough to avoid a choking hazard. 

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